Adobe Lightroom CC - Amazing artificial Intelligence People searching

I know many MPU fans are not interested in 3rd party photo management systems, but the new Adobe Lightroom CC is truly amazing.

A few weeks ago they released a major update including announcing that full blown Adobe Photoshop will be coming to the iPad.

Lost in the announcements (and not given much press in the media and ignored for the most part by the Apple podcasting community):

Lightroom CC has been enhanced with Adobe’s AI technology. The new release now includes a fully automatic, cloud-based “People recognition” feature.

There has been some startup snafu’s, but now that it is working on my account, all 26,000 of my photos are searchable by “People” icons.

This is similar to the Apple Photos people search, but two big differences: The AI is extremely accurate. It has correctly identified almost all the people including baby pictures and pictures from very different ages. Very few people groups have to be merged manually.

The people database is cloud-based and cloud-synced: The same exact people icons and results are available in both the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom CC. (No more going crazy having to re-merge and re-identify the same people on every device.)

Also buried in the new release of Adobe apps is a brand new app called Adobe Premier Rush CC.

This is a simplified version of Adobe Premier CC (the professional video editing suite) aimed directly for quickly creating videos for online distribution. I.E. it is for YouTube creators and wannabes.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising. Much like Apple has Final Cut for professional editing and iMovie for entry-level work, Adobe added this new app to provide an easier to learn and simpler (but very powerful) video editing suite.

Adobe isn’t for everyone - it has a monthly subscription fee. But if you find one Adobe app that you need for your professional or personal use (e.g. Photoshop for photo editing, Lightroom for photo management/catalog, Premier for videos, or maybe Illustrator for drawing) a full subscription gives you access to all the other apps.

Think of it like “Setapp” for professionals. Once you can justify one app, the wealth of additional apps available at no extra charge makes it a very valuable subscription.


Thanks for a cool post! I’ve been contemplating getting a subscription for Photoshop, but atm I need to be a bit more sure about the use cases where I need it.

When I needed to get some work stuff done the other day, I’m pretty sure I lost enough productivity while using GIMP to sort it out that it would cover several months of a subscription. Or so I tell myself at least. Your post pushes me even closer to a comittmet… along with the fact that I’ll have Photoshop on the iPad Pro. :smile:

A question regarding the People Feature - since I’m not very familiar with how these things work. Are the actual photos updates with tags or something so that the information would be preserved also outside of Lightroom - or would you need to do something extra to get that to work?

You don’t need the whole adobe Creative cloud to manage your photos though, and there are 3 plans to choose from. One is just Lightroom CC with 1 TB of storage, there is one with Photoshop and Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC and a 20GB cloud storage, both of these are at 9.99/month, and there is a version of the Photoshop and both Lightroom version including a 1TB cloud storage for 19.99/month.

I’m an Adobe user and professional retoucher, so yes Photoshop is a must have and the defacto in the industry. Can you use other software to do what PS does, sure. Adobe got hammered because of there subscription model, but if you look at some other software that kept the traditional model, and they charge 119$ for the initial buy, plus 79$ each year because there is a new version, will, you’re pretty close in my opinion.
Just saying;-)