Ads for Relay podcasts in More Power Users

Maybe I’m the only one but paying for More Power Users to get rid of ads then having Relay podcast ads at the end irks me to no end. I turned off renew for More Power Users due to this.


Interesting… I do not subscribe to More MPU… However, I assumed when there will not be any ads even if it’s from the same network…

I do not know why I assumed that. Apple does this all time… advertising Arcade etc with notifications etc…

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I feel the same, it really annoyed me when these came up after paying so much to not be getting adverts.


Let me guess… This was a “mistake” and “shouldn’t have happened”. :wink:


I totally agree. I’m more than willing to pay for no ads because I hate them that much. But if I pay I don’t want any ads at all.


Was annoyed by that as well. That was one of the factors for cutting my subscription, but mainly I am just cutting back on subs in general.

Instead of paying, I find myself just not listening to podcasts with a lot of ads. I mainly listen during exercising, and even with the watch, it’s a hassle to fast forward through.


A thought for what it is worth—and all/many of you—may have already done this. But if not, instead of posting the complaint here (a valid one I believe), why not just discreetly email @MacSparky and @ismh and let them know?

I am not a subscriber so I have no stake in this matter. I listen to MPU and other podcasts on my runs and I simply tell Siri to skip forward x amount of time. I’ve learned by paying attention approximately how long ads are on each podcast so the process is quite accurate. :slight_smile:

That said, I know ads are important for supporting a podcast and the podcasters. Accordingly, I make a practice of only skipping ads that I’ve heard a LOT, e.g., TE or for apps/services/products I’m already using. For new services or products I’ll listen a few times even if I’m not interested (pillow ads?) to support the podcasters.


They are getting paid whether you listen or not. If you listen using an app, I don’t believe they even have any statistics on whether you listened or not, only total downloads. It’s not worth my time to listen to an ad for a product I will never use or already use. That said, I will listen to if it seems like a new ad for something I have never heard of. Also, if I am paying them directly, I am already supporting them and I don’t want any ads because of it.

Podcasters deserve to get paid for their shows, but it’s not like they are struggling to survive. They all seem to be doing very well, whether I listen to ads or not.

If that is accurate, I’ll stop listening to new pillow ads. :grinning:

That said, I can’t imagine there’s not some analytics that advertisers use to measure the impact of ads on a podcast beyond just the number of listeners and or subscribers. If they don’t, I don’t see how they can measure ROI for their advertising dollars.

If you use Spotify, Stitcher, or any of those that stream, they know if you listen. But RSS feeds like what Apple, Overcast, etc use, they only know total downloads. (That may have changed with Apple’s new service.) Marco Arment has talked about it on ATP. This is why the big guys want you on one of their apps.

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That’s good information to know. I use the default podcast app mainly because I use it extensively both when running as well as in my car. I don’t want complications with CarPlay and I found some of the third-party apps to not always work with CarPlay especially if there has been an update. :slight_smile:

Based on the information you provided I think I’ll just skip all of those ads. :grinning:

Podcasting in its open standard form is actually one of the latest places where you can’t really get analytics. Which is what makes it great. By design, Relay does not know what your demographic is nor what ads interest you.


I have to agree …. Not a fan of this and stopped my subscription as well.

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Apple Podcast does offer analytics for downloaded podcasts. Users can out opt (somehow…) The analytics are reported by the app as it’s used.

You can get an idea of what they collect here: Measure podcast performance - Apple Podcasts for Creators

One of the big measures of ad performance is how much the promo code is used. As you’ve noticed, the promo code doesn’t change from episode to episode, so it’s more about the effectiveness of the ads over several episodes. I daresay that Relay isn’t concerned about ad skipping so long as the promo code still performs.

And yes, count me as one who doesn’t care for the Relay cross-promotion in More Power Users, but I haven’t unsubscribed over it. @Bmosbacker is right that I should’ve just directly contacted the show about it already!

That is very helpful. I can skip ads without guilt. :grin:

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I have to agree that including cross-promotion of other Relay shows when someone’s paid to subscribe to an ad-free feed is kind of dodgy.


I may be naïve but I’m inclined to think it’s more of an oversight. I also understand why they would be cross advertising for shows on Relay. One could argue, I’m not necessarily arguing this, that a Relay ad is somewhat different than paid advertisers. That said, it is obviously still an ad. But, everything I’ve seen and heard from both David and Stephen incline me to believe that this is not a dodgy practice as much as perhaps a different perspective or an oversight.

I"m super happy with the new cross promotion. I’ve always been baffled that relay shows don’t cross promote other shows in any way. I think its a great sign of maturity in the network that they have finally started.

I’ll have to listen to see if the relay shows I subscribe to have the cross promotion or not. I would want it in, but I can understand those who would want it out. For me the subscription is about the extra content, not about removing ads.

I think all the cross promotion is the very last thing in the episode where ads haven’t traditionally gone in Relay shows.


That’s why I switched most of the podcasts to download manually. It’s my only way of “voting” whether the content provided is worth my time or not. Downloading for convenience and then skipping/deleting the episode later on due to a lack of interest falsely inflates the only metric.

Same in connected pro as well, tad irksome but ¯_(ツ)_/¯