Advantages of Fastscripts over Keyboard Maestro?

Hi, does anyone use Fastscripts? Can you give me an idea of the its advantages over Keyboard Maestro? Thanks for the info.


I’ve read that it executes scripts faster than keyboard maestro.
but tbh a few milliseconds of difference is negligible to install an additional app just for that

I haven’t used Fastscripts in a few years, but I did have it installed for a long time and found it miles better than the script menu Apple provided. Being able to assign keyboard shortcuts to some of my most-used AppleScripts was all I needed for it to be worth whatever I paid for it. After I started expanding my automation possibilities, mostly with KM, I found that Fastscripts was redundant, at least for what I was mostly using it for, so I uninstalled it. I know Fastscripts now has some sort of regular expressions support baked into it, and I’m sure it had other advantages I never explored. But I haven’t missed it since moving all of what I used it for over to KM.

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