Advice/experience with this combination? ScanSnap S1500M + High Sierra + ScanSnap Manager 6.3.70 + ABBYY FineReader 4.1 + Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro?

I have the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M and I use it with my MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) running MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6 .

Based on advice from support pages, I have now downloaded and installed ScanSnap Manager 6.3.70 .

I still have ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap 4.1 and Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional version 8.1.0 that were bundled with my ScanSnap S1500M.

I know that, over the years, as the MacOS and other software progressed to later versions, some incompatibilities or conflicts developed for previous versions.

With the combination I currently have— as described above—

Would I risk any known problems with using any combination of these together to use my ScanSnap S1500M in creating searchable PDFs and/or non-searchable PDFs?

Also, would there be any known problems with the reliability of the PDFs they would create?

Thanks for your help.


Have you checked the latest updates for your software in relation to your macos version?
I’ve used this combination (don’t know the exact version nrs) without any issues.

But if you;re unsure: create a clone of your drive using ccc or some other clone software and test it?

You should have no problems. This is my current combination: MacBookPro (13" late 2016 w/touchbar) running Mojave 10.14.4 (latest), trusty ScanSnap S1500M with Manager 6.3.70 (refuse to update to Home), that came with ABBYY FineReader 4.1 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. All runs great. I will NOT update to Home. If the S1500M eventually gets bricked, I may experiment with ExactScan or VueScan software or just get another brand scanner–NOT a Fujitsu.

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I have a ScanSnap S1500M and have been thinking about upgrading my OS to Catalina…have delayed this upgrade since still using some 32 bit software. I have not looked at my scanner software etc in years and trying to decide what to do since VueScan appears to be the only option (?) to continue using my S1500M scanner. There is a ABBYY FineReader. Will this ABBYY FineReader function with this scanner? Thx.

That was my setup until last week (S1500M + MBP with Mojave) when I upgraded to a 2020 MBP that came with Catalina. I have a Brother MFC-J895DW all-in-one printer that can scan stuff in the short term and OCR with PDFpenPro. However, I will probably get ExactScan (much better reviews v. VueScan) to keep my ScanSnap from being a brick. Cheaper than buying a new scanner.

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Please post your results (when available) with ExactScan, macOS Catalina and the ScanSnap S1500M. I plan to do the same thing if Apple releases a new iMac later this year …

Thx and sorry my reply is so late. I recall ScanSnap in the end provided an update so the S1500 still works with Catalina. I’ve been getting away from scanning since the imbedded scan option in iOS Notes works quite well. I’m away from my MBPR but I’ll check the version of the ScanSnap software and post it.

[Almost] three years later: For those of us still using the workhorse ScanSnap S1500M, it will continue to work with Big Sur with Fujitsu’s updates. DO NOT USE ScanSnap Home option, but ScanSnap Manager instead (or whatever it’s called). Scan on!image

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