Advice for a iPad monitor arm

Hi there. I have a 32-inch BEN-Q Monitor, which I use with my Macbook (and highly recommend!).

I was reading Dave’s post on his reference monitor, and I’d like to do something similar, but using my iPad and sidecar as my reference monitor. Something like this would have been good ( but it looks like it’s out of stock.

I’m hoping for something very minimal that can fold out of sight, behind my monitor when I’m not using it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a mounting arm for both the monitor and the iPad?Thanks in advance for any advice!

I have this mounted to my standing desk, next to the monitor. I extend it forward to use as a reference monitor, and then it folds back out of the way. I did a lot of research (browsing Amazon) to find one that would pivot in the right places to move forward, in toward the center of the monitor, and still be able to control the viewing angle and rotate from portrait to landscape. Works great. I’ve only had it a couple months, so not sure how long the joints will hold up supporting the weight of the iPad. But so far so good.

I would have preferred all black instead of the black and white, but it looks good in person. But it looks like they only have the all white in stock at the moment.

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@evanfuchs which iPad (size) are you using with your Suptek mount? Are you using a USB keyboard and/or pointing device too in your set up?

I have the 11" iPad Pro. I am not using a pointing device or keypad in this setup because I am using it mostly for reference. Opening a website, a note, Zoom window, etc. This mount is sturdy enough to let me tap or use the pencil here and there. If I were doing more input, I’d want a trackpad and keyboard I suppose.

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That’s great, thanks for the response! I ended up going with the Gooseneck one as a stopgap until I find the right one, and I have to say I love this setup with Sidecar. Here’s the full setup:

I’m planning on using the right monitor as a reference monitor, keeping Omnifocus and my calendar up all day. And then, when I close up for the day and make the long commute downstairs, in this quarantined life, then I can just grab my ipad and go.

Still on the market for a sliding out iPad holder, so if anyone else knows one, let me know! I did find out that Sidecar does not support portrait displays, so that affects the aesthetics of this enough that I don’t think I want to have it slide to the right of my monitor. Just putting that out there for anyone who’s scrolling through this and thinking of doing a similar setup. It has to either poke out from the side of the screen in landscape or sit on the top in landscape.

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I don’t have any experience with these but I was looking at something similar.

Instead of sidecar you could use

For the side mount, there’s

Having used my 27" iMac as a holder for the iPad Pro 13 - I too was in dire need of a more viable solution. It proved quite difficult to find iPad holders for the 13" models. I ended up ordering the table clamp version from Durable. Hoping for a swift delivery, in spite of covid…