Advice for best app to create shortcut for window positions with multiple apps

Hello Everyone! Long time MPU listener, and just getting started with the forums. I am looking for an app that can save a custom window layout involving multiple apps, with a shortcut to arrange them. Any suggestions? I am asking before I go down the rabbit hole of downloading and/or purchasing apps that may not have the functionality I am looking for. Thanks!

No doubt about it. Moom. There also a ScreenCastsOnline tutorial on it. Been using it for years.

Is Moom really the best?

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BetterTouchTool comes to mind. I think window management is a fairly recent addition, although I have not tried it, although I do use BTT for other features. I’ve just been happy with Moom for so long that it’s one of the few apps that I don’t watch for alternatives to try out.

You should know from reading reading this forum that there is no way to answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face: But I think Moom is great and so do many others who have posted here. It might work for you, too.