Advice for SQL Certification

Hi everyone!

My wife and I are both looking to be certified in SQL for our career development. We honestly know very little, and wonder if anyone can provide some guidance on where to start, including online programs/trainings.


Lots of courses on (many on sale today!) and

1 Like courses (normally around $25/month) are free for users of some public library systems. Here is the NYPL landing page and here is a list of SQL video classes offered by Lynda.

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It depends on what your goals are for the certification.

If you just want to take a structured class to learn SQL, go wherever you like for online learning (Pluralsight has excellent courses for MS SQL Server, and I’m sure others as well) if you’ve done online classes before.

If you’re looking to get an official industry certification, target the ones offered by the database platform vendors themselves - Microsoft has several certification paths for SQL Server, Oracle has one for their products (including MySQL), and apparently there is one for Postgresql as well. These are the ones that matter to employers.

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Just before I retired, we were looking at using ITProTV for some general I.T. training.

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