Advice for upgrading from iPhone XS to 15 Pro Max?

I’m upgrading from a five-year-old iPhone XS to an iPhone Pro Max. Any advice? What should I expect to be different?

I wasn’t planning to upgrade. I was planning to not upgrade. I was proud of using an old phone. No conspicuous consumption for me!

But the missus found us a sweet deal—far too good to pass up.

I had a tough decision whether to go for the 15 Pro or Pro Max. I don’t love the idea of the bigger screen. But I want the better camera, and the additional battery life will be nice too.

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I did (almost) exactly the same thing, from a XS Max to a 15 Pro Max. The new camera is sublime.

I love big phones, so it was an easy choice for me between the Pro and Pro Max, especially with the price difference being so small with 256 gb or more. Better camera, better battery life, more screen…

I don’t love the idea of the bigger screen.

Maybe try doing some things that benefit from the larger screen. Watch a movie or some videos, refer to some PDFs, etc.

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I jumped from an 8+ to the 15 Pro Max and I miss touch id quite a lot for payments. I don’t know why I need to double click the side button when the iPhone is unlocked via Face Id.

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Advice: enjoy it, especially the first few days!

I kept my iPhone X until Apple no longer supported it with the latest iOS version (17) last year and then upgraded to an iPhone 15 Pro. The first few days it felt really fast, but by now it’s the new normal…


I can see that being an advantage if Touch ID works well for you. It’s never been anywhere near as reliable as Face ID for me, especially in the winter.

The new phone honeymoon wears off so fast, doesn’t it?

I’m meeting friends at the San Diego Zoo tomorrow, and of course, that would be an ideal place to try out the new camera and everything else about the phone. But alas I don’t think the new phones come in until Monday or Tuesday. Ah, well.

And of course my 2018 Macbook Pro—which I had previously been satisfied with—now seems old and pathetic. And I haven’t even got the new phone in my hands yet!

It’s almost as if Apple wants you to feel that way.

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They smell blood. Sharks.

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To ensure that you’re initiating the payment. Otherwise there’s a risk that a hacker finds a way to initiate a payment on a device and in your scenario it would be automatically waved through.


I’ve got a 15 Pro (not max). Compared to the XS the camera will be incredible.

Personally I wouldn’t trade off a phone that is too big all the time for a camera that you will rarely (ever?) notice the difference in quality.

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I opted for the Max Pro because I know every time I see something photographable that’s far away, I’ll wish I’d had te 5x zoom.

New phones come tomorrow. We’ll see how the big phone feels in real life.

Yes, I am aware that is done for security reasons, but I would love a way of not having to do it.

You may find it hard to go back to a small phone once you get used to it.


After just 8 hours, I can see that!

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