Advice--Grammarly: Install or Web Only?

I have a Grammarly subscription paid for by my employer. I’m trying to decide if I want to use the web interface only or install the app on my Mac and iOS devices. I hesitate to install the app because I’m a stickler about doing what I can to avoid building up cruft on my devices. While it is a minor inconvenience to copy and paste text into the Grammarly webpage and then to copy and paste it back out again, this is better than unnecessarily gumming up my system.

But, on the other hand, I may be concerned about something needlessly.


On the Mac, I prefer the web interface. I use the app on my iPhone and iPad and it works quite well for my needs.

There is also the Grammarly keyboard that I’ve played with on my iOS devices. I’m undecided if I like it or not, and use it only occasionally for that reason. Have you used that at all?


I have not but I’ll give it a look, thanks!

I’m not sure if you have Keyboard Maestro or not (I found a post from you asking whether you may benefit from it), but if so, you could create a macro to select the text, copy the text, open the Grammarly webpage, create a Grammarly document and paste in the text to be checked (as well as tapping any buttons in Grammarly to run the checks), all with one button press. You could then do the same again to copy the checked text back to your original document t.

I don’t have Grammarly so I can’t test it, but the idea should work.

I use Grammarly Desktop regularly (e.g. to proof an email before sending it and to do a grammar check on a proposal in Pages). I find it much more convenient to use the native Mac app as there’s no copying and pasting involved and formatting remains intact.

I only launch Grammarly when I need it and quit it when I’m done. For convenience, I use Keyboard Maestro to toggle Grammarly Desktop on and off. This macro is tied to a global keyboard shortcut (⇧⌥⌘G in my case). I shared this macro on the Keyboard Maestro forum.


Do you know if per @anon20961960’s comment above, if Grammarly returns off the spell check function on the Mac?

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@Bmosbacker – The spelling and grammar feature built into macOS continues to work for me, though it’s not nearly as thorough as what Grammarly (especially Grammarly Premium) offers.

If Grammarly Desktop is running, errors flagged by the built-in spelling and grammar feature are underlined with a thin, dotted line, and errors/suggestions that come from Grammarly are identified using a thick solid line. For example, the misspelled word “spellling” is underlined with both a solid and dotted line:

macOS Spelling and Grammar + Grammarly

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@anon20961960 – FYI: I regularly use Grammarly Desktop with apps I downloaded from the App Store (e.g. Pages and Drafts) and haven’t run into any issues. I flagged the Grammarly Support article you referenced as it incorrectly states, “Grammarly for Mac doesn’t support…apps downloaded from the Apple App Store”. Based on my experiences, it’s more accurate to say some apps won’t work, including those built with older versions of Electron.

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Has anybody taken a look at Microsoft Editor? It’s available as an extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. As one would expect, Microsoft has also baked it into their other products:

That support article is clearly outdated. Grammarly Desktop works fine for me in Ulysses, iA Writer, Bear and a number of other apps downloaded from the App Store.

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it is just a terrific app. it catches all sorts of little errors I make, some of which I wasn’t even aware I was doing.

I love it and I have a free version!

Thanks, everyone, for the helpful input. I’ve decided to reinstall Grammarly. It’s not perfect, but it does catch some of my errors. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Grammarly Desktop and only found there are some issues in Electron apps (Obsidian in particular, which I’ve stopped using for for many reasons not only Grammarly). It saves my bacon on a daily basis, especially in Apple Mail.

I don’t always take the advice, but on most occasions it finds errors that I’ve missed through proof reading. Having instant feedback as I’m typing is like having a writing expert behind me all the time, I love how tech like this makes things easier and saves precious time.


Same here. I had a period of a love-hate relationship with Obsidian. After lots of experimentation, some success, and lots of frustration, I gave up on Obsidian. For my workflow needs, there are better options.

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I have it installed, and as much as I prefer using the app or web version, sometimes logging in or getting logged off on the web interface is a hassle. There is a small circular Grammarly icon visible on apps that are being monitored by Grammarly ( you can move this icon around). You have to click the icon for it to work and provide changes and fixes to your document. Love using it with Outlook especially when I do need to send a formal email.

It also doesn’t turn off the built-in spell checker, as I can still use the touchbar to fix my typos

I use the Grammarly apps on my Mac, but I don’t keep them running all the time. I only start the app after I have some writing that needs reviewed and edited.


I only have the free version installed.

Best thing is one clicks on a “flagged” word and a drop down box of suggested replacements appears and the one just has to select the right one (usually the first) to correct.