Advice, how much should I ask for iPad bundle?

Hi Everyone,

I’m considering selling my iPad in anticipation of upgrading for this coming iPad announcement. I will be upgrading, that’s not something I’m debating at this point. Do you all think asking for $600 US (from a friend, not eBay) is a fair price for the bundle below? Or is this too much? Since it’s a friend I’m okay with not getting the eBay price and hope there are some savings in it for him.

iPad 256gb cellular version (Verizon)
Apple Keyboard
Apple Pencil
Apple Care until June 2019
Back case with Apple Pen holder

I would check the Gazelle price, and add about $100 for accessories and see where you wind up.


Which model? Did Apple make a 256Gb iPad, or are you talking about the iPad Pro?

iPad Pro 10.5 so it’s the 2nd gen update

That seems on the high side. The Gazelle offer for the 10.5 256 cellular is $365. The accessories and the fact that this is a private party sale will add some to that, but I don’t know if they’d add $235.

Good point. Seems like 500 might be a fairer price.

Wonder how much Gazelle is selling them for?

Gazelle is selling them for $529, so $500 with accessories seems like a good “pal” deal. I could probably get $600 on eBay, but I don’t want to deal with eBay.

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