Advice on Not-Exactly-Weather Monitoring

I’m looking to setup “environmental” monitoring around our property. There are two greenhouses, a shed, a cabin, a chicken coop, and a few other ad hoc things like a feezer and feed containers that I might want to periodically measure from time to time.

I want sensors that work with Homekit and give at least temp and humidity and have a downloadable log that I can use to visualize data in my own systems/tools. I also want the system not to exploit my privacy. Right now, I don’t really need any logic (IFTTT) to do things, though I could imagine a future where that’d be nice.

My research has turned up WirelessTag, SensorPush, and various well reviewed weather stations (some of which don’t work with Macs).

Does anyone have experience with any of these (or something else) that might meet my requirements? Thanks!

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This is a problem that would be common in agriculture – growers, etc., that need to monitor outbuildings. Perhaps @OogieM the MPU farmer-in-residence has some experience?

If there’s an ag supply near you, you might check with them too.

We’re currently setting up a bunch of sensors for all the freezers where we store our meat for sale complete with text alerts if something is out of spec. We also have several different security cameras (the lambing pen, the barns) that we use on occasion. However, I know that none of the solutions we’re using are tied to HomeKit at all. No clue there and we don’t have/use it so probably no help. I’ll ask the resident hardware guru (my husband) what he’s using and what he suggests anyway.

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Hubby said this is where he started:

environmental sensors

and there are issues he’s still working out but it’s a place to start.

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Woo-boy that looks complex!

It’s not too bad. We found an error in the code today that if Humidity is zero (lost data or something) the graphs don’t display so we fiddling it. The hardware was easy to get set up and the sensors are inexpensive.

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No personal experience with this, but I have been thinking about ZWave stuff lately like this and Home Assistant. Maybe something like that could work for you?

You want Homekit connectivity for alarming options? There are very few options for temp sensors with homekit (check for homekit compatible devices). This is an option without homekit: Search for “temperature logger” to find others