Advice on Recording video outside

Ever since @MacSparky told us about how he recorded video (and audio) of Baatu and plays it in the background in his office, It’s been noodling in my brain.

I sometimes listen to music while working from home, but sometimes I want to change it up a bit and David’s idea came back to me.

I’m in the UK and can’t travel to Florida or California to make my own recording (nor would someone else’s recording mean as much to me) But I am now going to make some of my own recordings in places which mean something to me to play in the background.

Does anyone have any advice on recording outside.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money, so I’m going to use my iPhone 14 Max Pro and a mini tripod I have. I am concerned about wind noise, but after looking at cheaper (£20-£50) microphones with wind filters, most have some reviews saying that they’re no better than the built in mic.