Advice on selling iMac vs Apple trade in

Now that I have my new Mac Studio Max and Studio display setup I need to move my old iMac on.

I have a 27" late 2015 4Ghz with 16GB Ram and a 4GB GPU. There is an issue with it though which is that after using it some 10 mins there is what I can only describe as some ghosting. This is typically where I have had a white window situated for some time and then move its location leaving some trace of where the window was. This disappears after some time and I’ve been using it like this for around 6 months after changing a power supply left it like this.

Looking at eBay prices I would say I’d be good for at least £500 IF all was OK with it. Whereas Apple trade in is £280.

I don’t want to sell to someone only to have them come back to me complaining about the ghosting so would need to mention this is the eats of the sale which his likely to put any potential buyers off.

Alternatively if I send to Apple as a trade in they may well spot the issue (I’ve answered all their questions truthfully) and offer an even lower amount.

Do any of you have any guidance as to which approach to take?

Also, if sending to Apple, are they expecting the keyboard and mouse to accompany it?

Thanks in advance.

First, you absolutely have to be truthful.

If you sell on eBay you have to describe the “ghosting”. Of course, you would have to sell “as is” and price accordingly (ie - lower your asking price). I would not buy it with the described problem at any price. Maybe someone will take a chance on it. Personally, I would not sell nor buy a computer on eBay - not worth the hassle to me.

If you choose to sell to Apple (or another 3rd party buyer), you just have to answer their questions truthfully. They will assess it and determine the amount that are willing to give you. At that point you can take it or leave it.

Re: keyboard/mouse - I think Apple just wants the power cord but not the other accessories.

Assuming you purchased this computer around the time it was released, you have had about 6 years of use. I believe you’ve gotten good value from it. Anything you get now is “icing on the cake”. If it just needs to be recycled, take comfort in knowing you’ve gotten good value from it and it’s not going to a landfill.

Enjoy you new Studio and Studio Display.


Do apple still have the ‘in store’ trade in? Are you close enough to a store?

We got rid of a bunch of phones and an original air as a trade in once. The obsolete ones were recycled, but the others, including the original air, they just need to be turned on to show they worked and that the anti theft stuff had been turned off. We got the trade in there and then.

@neonate 's answer is perfect. I will just back him up, no way would I buy a computer with that problem, at any price, I wouldn’t even want one for free, other than that was really all I could get. I did have a ‘fallow’ period over a decade ago and all I could afford was a Dell, first week one of the pixels gave out, looked like a period on every thing I wrote, it was right in the middle of the screen. Dell were not interested in making things right and it was then I vowed that once I could I would get top of the range Macs. I kept my vow and when I feel ‘cheap’ about maxing out, like I did on my current machine, I remember that pixel and Dell’s insouciant ‘that’s the risk’ attitude.

Like neonate said I would never buy a computer on ebay for this exact reason: the likelihood that a seller has talked themselves out of mentioning what seems to them a minor issue.

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Thanks! absolutely agree. I’m certainly not trying to hide its issues or defraud anyone.

I did buy this machine new and it has been a good machine, at least until about a year ago when it died on me and I had a nightmare with apple attempting to fix it, at a cost of over £600 then when it still didn’t work they gave me it back along with a refund. I opened it up and put a new power supply in and its been good ever since with the exception of the ghosting which I assume I caused when opening it.

eBay or local Facebook sale seems like grief and the Apple process sounds straight forward at least. And if I understand correctly if I’m not happy with their offer they will return it to me FOC. Seems like my best option.

I do have a store 20 miles away but I have a feeling they don’t take iMac in, only phones etc but I’ll try checking that out tomorrow. TBH the process of sending it off doesn’t sound too bad, it just elongates the process.

Just to reiterate, I’m not trying to hide anything about the machine. I was just looking for guidance on the likelihood of this selling on a marketplace for a better price than the Apple trade in option.

I think I may have exaggerated the ghosting to some degree and it’s really a very useable machine, but think it would be best going to someone who would profit from the parts or who could resolve the issue which may simply be a case of a new cable.

I think I’ll be returning it to Apple.

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I am quite sure you are honest, sorry if there was any implication otherwise. From my point of view any ghosting would be major problem with an Apple computer even if second hand. I take your points though and really I think you should just, as you already decided, return to Apple. Interesting exploration of a knotty issue actually, thanks.

I’m in the same boat with a 2017 5k i5 iMac, but my iMac good condition. I have always felt like the Apple trade in process was fair, but $475 seems pretty low.

Looking at sold eBay listings it looks like I could post it for $700-800 and it should go quickly. I’m debating the selling route, but don’t know if I want to deal with the hassle plus the fees.

Does anyone know of any good sites to sell iMac Pro’s on? Apple is only offering about $675 for a trade in for a nearly $5k computer. I think I could sell it for about $2k to $2.5k, but I do t know where?

I could use Facebook marketplace or eBay but not a huge fan of that route if possible. It’s in good condition.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.