Advice on under desk mounting hardware for Mac Mini?

I’m getting a new 2018 Mac Mini and am looking to mount it underneath my standing desk. Surprisingly, searching these forum didn’t turn up on discussion on mounting hardware for the Mac Mini. I haven’t found any really popular solutions on the Web either.

How are other MPU’ers mounting their Mac Minis? My concerns would be cable access and good airflow. I’m think a mount that clamps onto the desk would be easiest and most flexible solution, but I’m open to other ideas.

Update: My monitors are Vesa mounted so behind-monitor mounts won’t work. Plus adding the heat the monitor and the Mac Mini together can’t be good.

I went with this in white, does the job nicely and wasn’t expensive. Mounted under the desk in front of the egpu with the back of the Mac facing the side of the desk so I can still access the ports.

Had it like that for about a month and quite happy with it.

Mac Mini Mount - VESA Compatible Under Desk Mountable & Wall Mounted Bracket - Dynas - Made In The UK (Black)

I have one of these, which I really like.

NewerTech NuShelf Mount for 2010, 2011, 2012 to Current Apple Mac mini Models

So you mounted the egpu as well? Which one?

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Yeah used a PC tower mount for it. I have the Sonnet 650.


This is mine. Very pleased with it.

HIDEit Black MiniU Mac Mini Bracket - US Patented Mac Mini Wall Mount, VESA Mount, Under Desk Mount -

Thanks for the ideas. I’m going to have to think the design out a bit as I want both to have the Mac Mini out the way, but I also need access to plug and unplug it from my Caldigit hub daily.

Explanation: My workstation setup is shared by my Mac Mini and my employer’s Macbook Pro. When it’s time to start the work day , I unplug my Mac Mini from the dock , and plug in my employer’s Macbook Pro to it. My displays, keyboard, trackpad, and speakers are all wired to the hub, so they are all connected to the Macbook Pro when I swap the cable around.

What I might be able to do is buy an extra usb-c cable so that the Mac Mini and Macbook Pro have dedicated cables. That way the Mac Mini can be under the desk but it’s usb-c cable would be secured to the top of the desk within easy reach.

It would be cool if someone made a usb-c kvm switch, so that I didn’t have to plug/unplug cables to switch between devices.