Advice on upgrading MacBooks

I am going from a late 2011 MacBook Pro, running High Sierra, to a 2020 MacBook Air. I would like advice on the migration. Should I use migration assistant, or load the software from new? I am not sure if I have any software that is a risk due to the 32 bit conversion. What advice is out there? I would especially like to hear from someone who has been down this path already.

Check out an app called Go64 to see if you have any 32-bit software on your old system.

Migration Assistant is great. Unless you just want to start from a clean slate, it should be fine.

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I ran Go64 and I don’t see any showstoppers. I am going with Migration Assistant. Thanks for your help.

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I would love to hear your experience in that change. I also a have a 2011 MBP and thinking seriously about upgrading to the new Air. The Air has plenty of power for my needs and the size is attractive. Would use it some with an external monitor.

I will be happy to share my experiences. My MacBook is older than one of my kids.

Follow up: The MacBook Air was delivered yesterday and I am writing this post on it. The migration took about 5 and a half hours to do over wifi and so far, everything appears to be working as it should. I was also able to update 1Password and MS Office to the most current revisions. I think I chose well.

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