Advice please on what to use to create an A-Z file of notes

Hi there, I would like to create an A-Z file with related notes on various subjects and be able to share it with my daughter.
Would Apple notes cope with this and could I share it ?
Other options I have available are DevonThink, Craft and Drafts
I don’t want to start to build this and then find it is a disaster !
Thanks in advance. Dorothy

In Apple Notes make a folder and share this folder with your daughter. Set the notes in this folder to sort by name. Try this with just a few notes and see if is works like you want.


Thanks @neonate I was hoping notes would work as that’s all my daughter has ! Do I set up folders for A-Z and add the notes by letter. eg. Finances would be a sub folder under F and Wills would be a sub folder under W ?

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Here’s an example. Main folder is A-Z Notes (that is the folder that you would set for sharing - anything in this folder will be shared including subfolders) - the notes are listed alphabetically. For topics that may have many notes, you can make subfolders such as Finances and Wills. I wouldn’t get too fancy by adding a lot of subfolders (see caveat). Again, do a small trial and see if this works before you commit.

Caveat: I have not had any problems with syncing Apple Notes across my devices but some have. In my current usage I have no more than 10 notes. So, I’m not an Apple Notes power user. See: Update: Needing Serious Advice re: Losing Faith in Apple Notes

You can achieve what you want in Craft, but someone mentioned that Craft does not use end-to-end encryption, so that may be a consideration for you.

Thanks again @neonate ! That’s a great example and a much simpler structure than the way I was thinking about it. I’ll have a bit of a practice !
If this is in my iCloud can I set up sharing with someone in their iCloud or does it just go via email or something?

On your Mac right click (or click the ellipsis [3 dots]) on the folder you want to share. Then select who you want to share with. It will also notify when changes are made to the selected folder, should you want that.

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Thanks @neonate that’s my Christmas project sorted :christmas_tree::mrs_claus:t2:

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