Advice re same usernames on multiple machines?

My new Mac Mini arrived and I’ll be decomissioning my old 2013 iMac. I also have my MacBook Air that I’ll be upgrading from Catalina to Ventura.

I’m wondering whether I should make the login usernames and passwords the same on the new MacMini and the ugraded MacBook Air or make different usernames on the 2 machines. Each machine will have a different machine name.

I do plan to make a separate admin accunt as well on both so that I can boot into something othe than my main account if needed.

Are there any recommended best practices? Does it matter if I will be moving stuff back and forth across the machines?

My MacBook Air and Mac mini have different login names. This has avoided confusion (on my part) many times.

You can, of course, use same or different passwords on the two machines. Who else would know but you?

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I’ve always used the same username and password on all computers that I don’t share with others, to avoid confusion. :grinning:


I always use the same username and password. Makes it easier when writing scripts that rely on full path names.

Very good point, thanks

I have an separate (and different) admin user on each machine, and use the same username for the non-admin user on all my machines (Linux and Mac)
Saves me from having to remember for everyday tasks and scripts, but differentiated enough for admin

I like having different home directories (which results from different user names) on each Mac. Quick way to know which Mac I’m on when viewing remotely from another system. And in scripts, can’t you use the $HOME environment variable avoid having to customize them?

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In the past I used different user names between Macs, but switched to the same on all when I started running into trouble with automation and scripting, such as directory-specific file operation Keyboard Maestro macros that synced between machines.

That’s what KM tokens like UserHome are for: Tokens - Keyboard Maestro Wiki

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