Advice? — Testing PODCAST EDITING side-hustle

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to test a Podcast Editing side-business. I have some experience editing audio as a DJ and video editor. I’m starting to look in my network for free work to generate examples/testimonials and to develop my workflow.

As for apps - keeping costs low and using existing licenses: Ableton Live, Ferrite or GarageBand


  • Do you have any tips / warnings / suggestions on workflows?

  • As a cross-dock for clients to upload/download files, I was thinking of paying for DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE (any issues/preferences/thoughts on either?)

  • Besides the obvious audio editing, are there any additional services you recommend I consider offering?

Many thanks – I’m off to revisit all previous MPU podcast episodes!

There is a lot of advice in the 200th edition of the Upgrade podcast. The show notes contain links to all of the various suggestions/advice they give in the episode.


Thanks Darran! Will check it out.

Remember Jason Snell doing a great video on editing podcasts on the iPad…

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The @ismh and Myke Hurley’s Backstage podcast did a couple of episodes on podcast editing. It’s part of the Crossover feed for Relay FM members. Eps 142 and 144 in that feed.

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Nice recommendation. Can’t find it though. Is it publicly available or members only?

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Relay FM members only.

I use Brusfri to clean up the audio on the iPad. While you can run it as a plugin on Ferrite Pro, I like using it as a standalone. But your workflow may vary depending on how you edit since I mostly edit just a single track.

Apple Pencil is a huge help with editing on Ferrite Pro. As demonstrated by Jason Snell.

Since you mentioned you are a DJ, maybe opening theme for podcast?

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OK! Relay FM just got Itself a new member :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That’s right! I forgot where I’d seen the Ferrite+pencil integration… I think it was here. Thanks @simonsmark

Fantastic reco, @ChrisUpchurch! I’ll definitely be looking at those.

Thanks @wiredfractal - I’ll look into Brushfri (hadn’t heard about it!).

That’s a great idea. I think I’ll keep that in mind if it comes up when talking with clients!

So good!

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