Advise about a USB-C extension cable

I have a quite complicated conference set up where I need a USB-C extension cable to connect my MacBook Pro M1, at one end of the table with my Satechi Multiport-adapter in the other end of the table, where I connect projector, microphone and camera.
I am quite satisfied with the anchor cables, but they don’t have an extension cable as far as I can see.
I have no knowledge about cables and don’t know what other firm you can trust to have a good quality.
I would love to hear your suggestions?
Best regards, Per

How long is the distance, and what type of USB-C do you need?
I would recommend in any case, to have a look for a single cable, instead of an extension, as every additional connection might be a reason for a decrease of the data quality and speed.


I bought this one 3 years ago and it’s still working well. It’s not currently sold at Amazon, though.

I’ve been using this to extend a small dock (with a built in cable) for six months or so.

You didn’t say how long you need, thought this might be useful.

I just got this one a short time ago:

It’s a braided cord and seems very robust. I got the 6.6’ length…more than I need for now.
Interesting feature: if you are passing data over the cord (for a keyboard, mouse, etc) it’s possible that you will have a polarity issue with your device. This cord has a reversible socket on the end which can fix this.