Advise needed on workflow for large video files (iPhone => OS X)

I take videos of my son’s soccer games using an iPhone Xs. I end up with two videos about 42 minutes each, 8 gig. Happy with the quality and simplicity.

I need to make simple edits to these videos, and remove sound. I’m currently doing it by letting the videos upload to iCloud and then back down to my mac. In iMovie I make the edits and export.

The problem is it takes FOREVER to make that round trip. Any better solutions? I have tried to use the OS X preview tool to just grab the files off, however, it wants to convert the videos on export, it churns and then eventually errors out.

Have you tried Airdrop?

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I love this forum. My issue was taking about 24 hours to move 8 gig from my phone to the cloud and back down to my mac.

Now within 10 minutes, I post my issue, Chris has an excellent solution and the files are transferred to my mac.

Thanks Chris, works like a charm. (transfer via cable was giving an error)