After Market Car Play

I’m not really in the market for a new car but would love to add Car Play to my existing 2013 Subaru Impreza. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand or system to look into and what the cost might be? Thanks

Last year I put a pioneer head unit in my Truck and it had CarPlay in it. They connected a usb chord to the back and fished it through my center console so my phone could sit in there and I could do CarPlay on the touch screen of the head unit.

I love it because if I want CarPlay I can plug my phone in but otherwise it will connect automatically via Bluetooth for short trips so it’s a win win!

You’re probably going to spend between 300-500 for a 6” or 7” touch screen aftermarket head unit and then maybe $100 for install. I had them install a back up camera and run the wires and all the connections so whenever I put it in reverse I get a nice big picture of what’s behind me. I paid about $850 for everything I think.

I would also throw in a big plug for ProClip USA phone mounts!! They offer custom solutions and they are rock solid! Even make them for iPads! I’ve never had good luck with suction mounts or cd slot holders. Their mounts slide into the cracks in your dashboard and offer an amazing fit and hold! To get the dashboard mount and your phone holder it will probably run you $50-70 but it is well worth it!!

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Nathan, Thanks so much for the info.

I had a Pioneer AVH put in my old VW Jetta. It was great. Now have a Subaru Impreza with it built in.

I have a Pioneer touchscreen in my pickup and another in my car. It is usually one of the first things I do after I buy a vehicle. My newest ride is a 2006 Ford F250. I added the backup camera, which is most handy when hitching up a trailer.

Most of the time I pair my iPhone to radio via Bluetooth. Unless I am needing to charge the phone or it is a longer trip, then I plug directly in to the radio. I don’t mess with cell phone holders. I pick what I want to listen to and set it up before I start driving. I will do one one of four things, listen to my music library, start Spotify, catch up on podcasts or listen to radio. I may also set up navigation, if needed.

For the most part I am happy with Pioneer’s units.

This Sony unit ($350) is on my wish list to upgrade my ’09 Malibu!

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That’s the exact one I’m looking at for my Subaru Impreza.

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Anyone using any 1.5 DINN headunits? My car is 2009 and has a 1.5 DINN space, and all of the aftermarket units I saw are 2 DINN only.