After update to iOS 12 new people I’ve texted are green bubbles until they text back?


So one of my friends for example Kelly I’ve had a conversation with via text on going. I went to text her today and it was green and then when she texted me back it reverted to iMessage. Normal for a new contact but weird given I’ve known her for years. What gives? iMessage is checked/enabled.

I just noticed this as well.

Glad it’s not just me, just seems odd

I’d thought my friend might have had her phone off, or was out of cell tower range, and so my text+photo was sent as an SMS, but no. Everything showed up fine, and our subsequent interchange went back to blue bubbles.

Similar I thought it was because I was in a basement with bad service but not the case

Same for me I have also noticed the green and blue are a different shade than

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Interesting as I haven’t noticed that…hmmm

Also related to ios if I click the C on a group of texts does that mark read? What if I don’t wanna see them on my lock screen?