Agenda - how are you using it?

I bought in last year but was never able to click with it. Not sure if it’s how I’ve been using it, if the UI design Just isn’t for me, or what. Maybe it’s something that people need to be all in on?

People seem to love it. I’d love to hear more about how people are using it, why it works so well for them, and how it fits into their larger constellation of apps.

What say you!?

You might be interested in this thread, in which Agenda is discussed, and compared to NotePlan.

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I eased into Agenda in 2018 for work and really like it. Here’s my most detailed writeup about how I use it. I don’t try to put everything in it.

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This is what lead to me stop using Agenda and removing it from the dock. It did not fit.

  • I do most note taking on paper or GoodNotes, except for taking meeting notes in Dynalist, so didn’t need another note app.
  • I use OmniFocus – even though it is ugly and cumbersome, it’s still a better inbox and repository of action plans than the others I’ve tried, and I am resolute in not wanting to go through another migration cycle (OmniFocus --> Things --> ToDoIst --> back to OmniFocus). I think Agenda with its note-centric structure is not useful for task management without tweaks and kludges.
  • And I stopped myself from putting task reminders on calendars because my work requires me to respond to what pops up in the queue and not what pops up in the calendar.

So, Agenda was a pretty bauble but distracted me from what I was already doing successfully, NotePlan is an ugly bauble with a really nice developer – but I do not give it a thought for the same reasons as Agenda.

(I reserve the right to change my mind based on future infatuation with new features and new apps LOL)


I am drawn to org-mode, but have decided Agenda is more practical at the moment. There’s something about Agenda that doesn’t agree with me, but I don’t know what. But, I have to get things done, and just have to use something. Maybe it’s too mouse-centric, but I have no clue.
I put task- and project- related notes in Agenda.
I use Notebooks as a sort of lab notebook.
I use Curio to cobble together figures for presentations (usually to my PI), and for a bit of visual brainstorming.

(Seems like I’ve said all this before somewhere, but couldn’t find it. Could have been in another forum.)

I think a lot of people could say that here! Sometimes I wish we enforced single threads about individual pieces of software.

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