Ahmad's Home Office

Hello fellow MPUs,

This is my new home office set up. This is in my room at my parents’ house, of which I am now a frequent guest since my dad passed away, to keep my mother company. The available space and layout were not ideal to work with. It took me a little bit of work to get here, and I can say I’m very happy and proud of the result.

I tried to keep my working space tidy and well spaced out, and cables minimized.


Nice set up! And, I am sure your mother appreciates having you around. Thanks for sharing with the forum.


Great job. The space is nice and clean. It looks to be a very calm environment.


Well done Ahmad! What is the pad you have underneath the keyboard and trackpad. Looking for something similar.

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Thanks Kevin. Unfortunately, it is not a pad, it’s the same wood used for the top panel of table with a bit of color.

Thank you everyone for the kind comments.

Some additional information on the items used in the set up, all of which I can say work very well and I consider to have been good purchases.

  • Macbook Stand: Twelve South Curve for Laptops and MacBooks
  • iPad Stand: Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad
  • iPhone Qi Charging Stand: iOttie iON Wireless Fast Charging Stand

In the cable drawer, I have the following:

  • USB C Hub: VAVA 8-in-1 USB C Hub with PD Power Delivery- again, thanks @RosemaryOrchard for the great tip
  • USB Cable Extension (from the USB hub to MBP): USB C Extension Cable,Stouchi USB Type C Male to Female Fast Charging & Audio Data Transfer Cable

And to keep the cables tidy, I used the velcro cable ties:

  • Patu Reusable Fastening Cable Ties - 3 Inch Microfiber Cloth Hook and Loop Cord
  • Monoprice Hook & Loop Fastening Cable Ties 6inch

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Grovemade has some nice wool pads of various sizes. The Apple Magic Mouse doesn’t seem to like them (occasional trouble double-clicking), so I bought one of their mousepads.


Very nice setup!
What kind of headphones do you have?

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Thank you, John!

I have the Sony WH-1000XM3. I’ve found them to be excellent.

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I use this Satechi Desk Mat that I really like. It is a nice size (large), has a good feel to it and seems to be very durable.

Best wishes Ahmad.
I use a green self healing cutting mat under my keyboard in my keyboard drawer. I have to say that this is due to needing a place to keep the mat rather than needing something under the keyboard. However, it works well as an under keyboard mat, and if I need to cut anything, I can pull it out along with a steel ruler that I also keep in the drawer.


Thank you all for the ideas for a pad. Another reason the MPU forums are a great resource!

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