AI assistant now built into Grammarly Desktop

This morning, I was prompted to try the new GrammarlyGo. I love the ease of access, and I’ve been finding it handy.

It not only generates text, but if you select some text, it also rewords it.

Of all the apps out there, this is the one where I believe AI will be the most helpful and convenient.


I agree, and so far the 100 prompts per month at the free tier seems like it will be enough.

I will say I’m also using Federico’s S-GPT shortcut, mostly because that means I can use ChatGPT from my watch with dictation. My favorite use so far was to ask why people liked a certain book and also why they didn’t like it (book published earlier than 2021 so ChatGPT knew about it). While I was in bed and far from my phone.