AI Integration Could Entice Me Back to MS Office

Out of necessity, I have an Office 365 subscription. As MS’s AI integration develops it could entice me to use MS Office more frequently, perhaps even become my default. Currently, I only use MS apps when I collaborate with those using Windows and MS products and services.

I’m going to be watching closely to see if and how Apple integrates AI. Given Apple’s focus on consumer level products and services, I’m not hopeful that Apple will embrace AI as effectively as MS will as a productivity tool.


I think there’s a certain flavor of text-based drudge work AI* has the potential to take on successfully. Right now I’m fantasizing about pointing a bot at a multi-threaded multi-participant email chain and asking it to distill the conversation down to its essentials.

  • Or machine learning, or whatever is being captured by the term …

Now THAT would be awesome!

And, if I could get it to respond appropriately to an angry email, that would be even better, not that I ever receive any of those. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That and crafting a draft response I can’t wait for! :crossed_fingers:

Do we have a firm launch date for this feature?