Airdrop not working when receiving Mac has two logged-in accounts

I enjoy using AirDrop to send files between iOS and macOS. Recently I started using a 2021 MBP, logged into two accounts on the laptop. AirDrop always shows the laptop as available to receive sends from my phone or iPad, but the file never shows up in one of the accounts. So far, restarts and fiddling with the contact/acceptance settings haven’t solved this. Has anyone encountered and solved this? I’d really like to be able to send to whichever account I’m switched to on the Mac.

(By the way, a nice workaround is - but I do wish I cold fix the native solution.)

I haven’t found a fully satisfying fix for this yet. In the meantime, this is the reliable workaround:

  • If origin and destination are the same iCloud user, share via the share sheet suggestion or choose from Devices in the AirDrop pane
  • If origin and destination are different iCloud users, share via Other People in the AirDrop pane

Hopefully macOS will update AirDrop support so the share sheet suggestion or Devices will always send the file to the active user.