Airmail and spam

With the demise of Newton I have been looking around for an alternative email client that looks the same on all devices and integrates well with other apps (omnifocus). I thought Airmail was it based on reviews here and my own testing. It also works with Spamsieve. Allegedly. So I paid for iOS and MacOS versions and followed the instructions for integrating Spamsieve.

Problem is, after training, the emails are getting categorised as spam, but Airmail won’t move them to the spam folder. So they just sit there, categorised, and clogging up my inbox.

This mostly happens on the gmail account, and it is not the mail gmail categorises as spam, its the mail that gmail categorises as ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ (‘spam’ as far as I am concerned). Gmail does a good job of putting these in seperate folders, but Airmail just dumps them in the inbox, where Spamsieve categorises them and Airmail - does nothing.

A quick search revealed several posts on Airmail forums of this exact issue in 2016. A support call resulted in a “Oh wow, we have never heard of that, I will log it with our developers”

So - anyone got Airmail to play nice with gmail and spamsieve? :frowning:

Well surprised no one else has any issues.
I’ve partly solved the issue with a work around from the AirMAil knowledge base if it helps anyone else, though it doesn’t address the mail moving. At least now I can select the Promotions and Social labels and delete the mail

Edit: apparently the work around is only available in the MacOS version. So in iOS the gmail inbox remains filled with cr*p.

The search continues

mourning Newton :frowning: