Airmail removes ‘Send to Shortcuts’ from custom actions?

Airmail on iOS previously supported the creation of custom actions that could include sending almost any detail of a composed message to Shortcuts. As best I can tell, this is now gone. Can anyone confirm this?

I previously used this to trigger a Things task from Airmail, with the task containing 3 versions of a link to the message, so I could click one of the links to get back to the message in either Mail, Airmail, or Postbox, depending on which platform I was on.

Does anyone else know of an iOS mail app with Shortcuts support, and specifically the ability to grab an item link? Other apps support links natively (i.e., not via Shortcuts) but only in their proprietary format.

An update on this, in the event anyone is following this: I decided to solve this on the Mac side. On iOS, I send an Airmail email to Things using the app’s native method for doing so. That creates a link back to the email, but as an “airmail://” link, which isn’t good for me on the Mac, where I don’t really like Airmail.

So, Keyboard Maestro to the rescue. I’ve created a macro which lets me hover over the link, hit a keystroke, and it opens the link in Postbox. This will be easily modifiable if I ever switch back to MailMate on the Mac, or away from Airmail on iOS (very likely at this point).

Here is what the Keyboard Maestro macro looks like (you’ll need to compare an Airmail URL with a Postbox one to get the proper syntax in the Search and Replace step, as this will be different for you):

Here is a download to the macro, but you’ll need to tweak the Search and Replace step. Just compare the links and spot the differences.


I’m also disappointed that Airmail from the “Send to Shortcuts” functionality. That feature was the primary reason I bought the app! I would receive a project assignment in email, then I’d send it to Shortcuts on my phone, and my shortcut would parse the email contents and create a new project in Omnifocus with all of the milestones and correct date math.

I’m looking for alternatives.

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You can use the Open URL action to send data from an Airmail message to Shortcuts. E.g., shortcuts://x-callback-url/run-shortcut?name=Email%20Screening&input=%5Bmessage_sender%5D%7C%7C%5Bmessage_sender_name%5D%7C%7CScreened&x-success=airmail://

That runs the Email Screening shortcut. Shortcuts opened via URL scheme accept an input parameter. I use || to separate the different parts I want the shortcut to use: The sender email address message_sender, and the sender’s name message_sender_name. I also send a third value, Screened, which I use in an If statement in the shortcut. When the shortcut succeeds, it launches Airmail again (x-success=airmail://).

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