Airmail sent email does not show up


has anyone experienced, that when you send an email via Airmail, it doesnt show up in the Sent category?

It happened a few times, usually when I quick reply or reply back and forth with people in a multi-email conversation, that later on I am trying to see if the email has been read and to my surprise the app has no recollection of any email in the Sent category! Nor the entire conversation. Now I am just guessing if it went through and if the other person will or will not reply.

I think last time and this time it happened on iOS.

Has this happened to anyone? Do you know what may cause this?

I’ve used Airmail on Mac for many years, on my phone also, but this is driving me towards stock email app!

Thank you.


I switch between mail clients a lot, so this may not have been in Airmail - but I have had this happen to me before when I Archive a conversation. In some email clients it will move the entire chain, including sent messages, into the archive folder.

If that is happening you should still be able to search for the email by subject or recipient and find it, as long as you are syncing that folder.