Airmail to DevonThink as EML file

I have always struggled to properly export email from Airmail to DevonThink for archival purposes because it usually exports as plaintext with the default settings, which frankly is not very useful in a world where every email has complex HTML in it these days.

Airmail recently added Custom Actions and by chance, I found out that if you use the following settings you can export to your DevonThink inbox folder as a perfectly formatted EML file.

Hope this helps someone :smiley:


It does, this is GREAT! Thanks for that find!

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It seems to me they’re relying more on the OS’ fundamental features. Of which stock apps are a part.

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I’m not sure which side is responsible to be honest but both sides should be aware that a lot of people use this integration and it just doesn’t work :joy:


What does NIMBY mean?

I’ve actually fixed problems like this by emailing both developers at the same time and letting the conversation between them ensue. :slight_smile: Sadly, it’s not viable with forums and email addresses that are fronts for support software.

Shame :frowning: although DT’s email is public and I doubt Airmail’s is that hard to find ahaha

Not In My Back Yard meaning “Yes, do it, but not near me”

Originiated in the 1980s (I think). The canonical example is “Yes we need more affordable housing - just now near where I live”.

I think a better idiom for this situation is Not Invented Here -

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Hahah as in, yes, but the other platform can figure it out XD

I thought that, too: NIH seemed more appropriate.

I’m wondering, though, whether the solution is available also on iOS and whether it is applicable to more targets than DevonThink.

I don’t think it works on iOS because there is no easy way to save to a specific “Files app” directory within Airmail.

That being said, let me know if you find any cool integrations with other apps :smiley: