Airplay from AppleTV to an IPad?

I want to view my apple fitness workouts simultaneously on my (Apple) TV and ipad. I can get it to play FROM the iPad to the tv but not the opposite. The image on the tv doesn’t fill up the screen all the way when I do this.
Thanks- I googled it but couldn’t find anything

Here’s what my Google-Fu got me. If you have a newish iPad model you can run the fitness app on device.

Edit: Disregard. I didn’t read that correctly. Have to stop posting so early in the morning…

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I’m not aware of any Apple supported or software solution to do this.

There are brute-force ways to do this with hardware, but probably not something you are interested in investing in the gear and fiddling to make it happen.

For those that might be interested, essentially you hook up the AppleTV to a video distribution system which can send HDMI signals to receiving stations.

This is usually hardware centric, requiring a hardware device for each “sender” (aka AppleTV or cablebox) and each “receiver” (other TV’s or computer devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones).

There are smaller point-to-point solutions (one sender / one receiver) and larger multi-sender / multi-receiver systems.

Costs can easily be $200 to $1000 per device (sender or receiver) and vary based on resolution (1K, 4K, or 8K) and color (SDR, HDR, full wide color gamut, etc.)

Most of these systems are used in commercial (corporate), hospitality (bar, restaurant, hotels) or luxury homes (mansions/estates with 10 to 100 or more TV’s).

Older tech, known as “IPTV” is less expensive but requires HDMI splitters, cables, and other gear to make a reasonable working setup, and has up to 5 second delay between transmission and reception.

Some of these systems have software receiver apps that can run on smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. but need high speed local networking between the devices/nodes and the sender still needs specialized HDMI-to-Network encoder/processor device.

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If the image isn’t filling up the whole screen, it sounds like you’re mirroring your iPad screen rather than air playing the specific video.

Yes, that is what I’m doing. Can’t get it to airplay and stream simultaneously any other way.

I think I saw this one in a James Bond movie….

Ahh, yes. Apple expects that you’d start the video on your AppleTV if you have one and not that you’d want to start it on the iPad and also airplay. The mirroring way you’re doing it is the only (reasonable) way to accomplish having it on both screens. Sorry!