Airplay Speaker & Setup Recommendations ...?

My girlfriend and I both have a number of iDevices, so we’re thinking that an Airplay speaker would probably be a nice addition to our living space. This wouldn’t have to be crazy high quality - it would basically be more to eliminate the hassle of having to futz with pairings, remember which device is paired, etc. Being able to click the little “Airplay” icon would be very, very nice. :slight_smile:

We really don’t need the “smart assistant” type stuff. So I started digging around, and it almost looks like Apple’s HomePod Mini might be one of the cheapest overall Airplay speaker options.

Is that true? Or are there other, better Airplay options? Every time I try searching for Airplay speakers on Google, Amazon, etc. I always get a ton of stuff that’s Bluetooth - but not Airplay.

Anybody have recommendations?

Also…not having a way to test this without having such a speaker, if I have a Bluetooth headset paired, and Airplay is playing to a speaker, is it safe to assume that an incoming phone call will go to the headset rather than the speaker?

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I find Apple devices work most reliably with AirPlay.

The HomePod Mini would probably be a good choice at a good price point.

Yep. (AirPlay is not Bluetooth.)


That’s likely to be true - that HomePod mini is the cheapest. Historically, speaker makers have charged a premium for Airplay. My Airplay-compatible speakers from a couple of years ago cost more than twice the price of the HomePod mini

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I hope you understand my shock that the Apple product in a commercially-competitive niche might actually be the cheapest option - hence the original question. :smiley:

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The “regular” homepod goes on sale frequently. I have two, purchased at different times, and paid $200 each time. I bet you will be able to find one at that price sometime in the next week.


Macsales frequently has the full-size HomePod in the $200-$220 range.

I think you should lie down in a dark room for a while :smiley:

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I’ve got a pair of Sonos One speakers, which have Airplay 2 and work well. Won them at an office party last year. You can get these around $100 apiece on sale lately. Not sure if they’re better/as good as HomePod mini.

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Stereo HomePod mini

In addition to being decent Airplay speakers the built in Thread and UWB are going to pay dividends in the future in potential flexibility.

If you just want to listen to music …still a great deal but it’s clear that Apple is betting on Thread being the new “chosen” protocol for HomeKit accessories (given the exclusive to Nanoleaf Essential products on the Apple Store) and the HPm looms large in the future of AirTags.

I’m going to trade my old trusty Bose Soundtouch speakers in for 3 HomePod minis early next year.

I have a Sonos Beam. I can use it with my TV and it’s also great for music/audio books. I will usually update it with a full surround setup. No issues with Airplay.