Airplay to Apple TV on large WiFi network

I have a relative living in a large Urban Sr Center (15 floors). When attempting Airplay/Mirroring of content to her 2nd gen Apple TV, it doesn’t show in the selectable units. (Two others do) The Apple TV & her new iPhone and new iPad are on the same WiFi network. She has a network hotspot device in the apartment so signal is good. The Apple TV works well on it’s own and can stream content via it’s apps. Any suggestions re: possible issues she can troubleshoot or questions to ask their IT person (who is not an Apple person). I wondered if the IT dept. locked down permissions, via MAC address or such. TIA

Apple TV 2, which was discontinued eight years ago(!), should be able to mirror (but maybe not well - it’s limited to 720p for playback and has a creaky processor) if you have updated to the latest OS version.

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Thank You for your response!