Airplay to Mac via Peer-to-Peer?

Hi folks, I’m extremely interested in the ability to Airplay directly to macs in macOS Monterey. Specifically, I want to know if this feature uses Airplay’s peer to peer functionality rather than needing contact over Bonjour.

Can anybody who is running the beta try disconnecting from their wifi network (not turning off wifi!) and seeing if Airplay is still possible?


I’m not running the beta, but curious as to your ask.

Are you thinking with WiFi out of infrastructure mode,
and Bonjour (mDNS) already having found the device
that BT would transfer the data?

I don’t know the details of how it works (though it’s explained in the article that I linked to), but I believe BT is used for discovery and then a peer to peer wifi connection handles the actual airplay.

Yes, how it works is what I described, but I am with
you, I’d like to see if that’s how it does indeed work :slight_smile:

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