Airpod cleaning tip - dental soft picks

I haven’t seen anybody suggest this yet for cleaning, and I find it works really well…

You can get knockoffs at the dollar store if you really want to be cheap about it. :slight_smile: But basically they’re a soft-ish rubber tip that can actually get in around the rim by the speaker (and in other small spaces), which gives you enough rigidity to clean while being soft/flexible enough that it won’t gouge up your Airpods.

Hope that’s helpful to somebody. :slight_smile:

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Nice tip, thanks!
I find Blu-Tack works best. You press it into the speaker and take it out. All the dirt will stick to it. That works with the case as well. This is my favorite brand:)

I was surprised how dirty my speakers were.
Originally I wanted to hand in my AirPods to Apple, since I thought they were getting less volume, but I saved Apple some money and me some time. Always have some on my desk:)