AirPod Paired HomePod

I would like to simultaneously stream to a HomePod and AirPods. I’m hoping this is possible but can’t seem to figure this out.

Any ideas?

My spouse would love to listen to some of the same stuff I’m listening to …but I have to move around the house more at times. So one person working in the kitchen and the other doing some chores - both able to listen to the same thing.

It’s kind of shared experience thing…and seems like it should be a no brainer as the HomePod can be paired…

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AirPods use Bluetooth and HomePod uses wifi. I am not aware of how this is possible. Pairing a HomePod means pairing to another HomePod.

You do have a good idea tho…

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I can’t think of a way to do this technically, but I used to listen to albums at the same time as people on AIM by typing a 3-2-1 countdown so we could hit play simultaneously. The results were close enough. :slight_smile:

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I think Apple’s recommendation for this would be: more HomePods. If there’s no particular reason you’re using AirPods other than movement it might well be worth getting a few more AirPlay 2 speakers and playing to all of them simultaneously.

Good info …thank you

Yes for sure; that is a way …thanks for following up

Thanks Rosemary, I have a hearing impairment and would like to share some of the info I’m listening to with my spouse. We have similar tastes in information. Appreciate the info…

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