AirPod Pros Backordered

I went to the apple store today to order AirPod Pros and I was surprised to see they were backordered by a month. They’ve been out long enough I didn’t expect them to be backordered. Has this been the norm?

Thanks @bowline. I heard about that a while back, but forgot. I lost one of my AirPods and I was going to treat myself with a new set of the Pros, but since they’re backordered, I just ordered the one AirPod I lost from Apple for $75. I was tempted to buy it off ebay for $50, but I went ahead and got the new one from Apple. Maybe I’ll buy the Pros next year.

I got PowerBeats Pro soon after they came out. I love the 6-8 hour battery life, but they are less comfortable than AirPods. If I could choose now between the PowerBeats and the AirPods Pro it might be a coin flip decision.

After visiting two local Apple stores, finding no stock, we had success locating them at a couple of Targets using their website. The person at Target shared they just got the AirPods Pro in that morning. It was only a few days ago, so they may be still in the pipeline somewhere.

My favorite site to find hard to get Apple stuff, is iStockNow. I’ve been able to get stuff like this fairly quickly using their alerts.

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This may vary according to which country you are in - only places in Australia you can get AirPods Pro is through Apple.

However, I found that the Apple online store have AirPods Pro back ordered for about a month, pick up in store often does too. However, every now and then, at least fortnightly if not more frequently, pick up in store will drop down to pick up in store today. If you have more than 1 store “near” you, you might find some have the back order delay while another has them available for pick up today.

So, if you have a physical Apple store near you, monitor the Apple Store app for pick up in store.

Just bought some today with pickup tomorrow in Spain. Was from an Apple Store. It must be depandant on local stock.