AirPods: Automatic switching between iPhone, iPad and Mac

Very nice:

The blog’s author has accumulated means in a step-by-step tutorial from different creators to connect your AirPods automatically to whatever device your are using currently. Very interesting. I am not sure, if I will go down this absolute automation route but it is definitely food for thought. :slight_smile:

A nice find by Dave Mark,


Nice find, thanks for sharing :smile:

Now do Bose headphones.

I think it should work for any Bluetooth headphones. I did it with my Powerbeats pro without issue. I also just made a simple shortcut to “take” the connection on my iPad or iPhone, I’ve been using both for zoom, conference calls etc so having an easy button to flip the connection is very helpful.


Thanks for sharing, been looking for something to automate it for sometime, that’s great.

And if you have BetterTouchTool, you can use the same script and create a menubar item. Or if you have Keyboard Maestro, you can use it in a palette. That is if you don’t wanna use up a spot on your dock.

Really awesome, just did it. Remember to not include kids streaming apps, because you might just have your podcast stopped while your kids are watching Peppa Pig😜.

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This. I’m trying to turn the switching off. I don’t need sneaky sasquatch in my ears right now.

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