AirPods bricking iPadOS on iPad Pro 10.5"

When connecting my airPods to my iPad Pro 10.5 running iPadOS 13.1.2, they pretty reliably brick the iPad. Once they are connected, the swipe screen (or whatever that thingy is called) does not go away, no matter what I do. As you can see, I can take screen captures and sort of navigate, as long as I tap. Swiping does not work at all. Switching my iPad off and on does not rectify it, either. I cannot power it down, since left- and right-swiping does not work.

Has anyone see this issue? It seems to only occur, when my airPods are connected to my Mac, I grab my iPad and then try to connect my airPods to it. Needless to say, it’s not been a problem on iOS 12.

The way to reboot the iPad Pro, in case you don’t know: Hold and press both the Power and the Home button for 10+ seconds and the iPad reboots (No clue how I’d do that on an iPad Pro with Face ID).


I had this happen on my iphone, just once. I had to do the soft reset thing (press vol up, press vol down, hold down sleep wake until you see the white apple). After that it didn’t happen again and I am now on 13.1.2. Since it still shows on your screen I doubt your iPad is bricked.

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Thanks, Mpacker - I’m using the term “bricking” loosely here, meaning the iPad is inoperable until rebooted…

Same here, got the control center screen freeze on me several times while connecting AirPods.
Generally I have problems with my 10.5 and iOS 13.

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Can you turn off Bluetooth from that menu (effectively disconnecting the AirPods)? Would that help?

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Good suggestion, but the entire control center is dead and non-responsive.

Quick update: 13.1.3 does not fix the problem, but I’m getting closer to figuring out how to avoid it. Right now, it seems to only occur, if I connect them to my iPad Pro, while the device it was previously connected to is out of Bluetooth range. E.g., if the airPods are connected to my iMac and I connect them to my iPad Pro right next to my iMac, I don’t have the problem. It still occurs, if I’m in a different room and too far away from my iMac or MBP15, so iOS 13 cannot request a disconnect from them. That used to work in iOS 12.

Problem still persists in iPadOS 13.2.x. However, using Settings/Bluetooth, I can switch to my AirPods without any problems. So it’s a Control Center bug.