AirPods left behind message iPhone 12

I have and love my AirPods Pro. One great feature of iOS is warning you when you’ve left them behind. My phone tells me that I’ve left the AirPods behind when I have them with me! Even if I take them out lay them next to the phone and and open the lid to the case, the message is there. Any suggestions?

I think those notifications can be swiped to the left and cleared.

Yeah, the feature is useless to me because I constantly get alerts, even with the AirPods in the same pocket as my phone. Especially when driving, it is just annoying and not at all helpful.


This is still a problem for me as well with iPhone 12 and my AirPods Pro.

Has anyone managed to find a solution ?

On a slightly separate note, the Find My integration with AirPod Pros was not helpful to me. After using Find My for about a week in hopes of finding my lost AirPod Pros, I was on the verge of buying a new pair when I accidentally found them in my garage on tool cabinet no thanks to Find My.