Airpods Max idle active battery drain

Are any other Airpods Max users noticing that sometime the battery drains when they’re not being used? Usually they drain a few percent overnight (expected). Sometimes they drain 10-15% overnight (annoying), but occasionally they drain all the way (worrying). That’s happened to me three or four times since I got them at Christmas. Anyone else seeing this?

I keep them in their “case” when not using them, hoping to keep the battery drain minimized.

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I haven’t had this problem.

Do you have ear detection on?

Does the same happen with them in the sleeve?

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I do, yup.

It does, yup.

Myke mentioned it on Connected last week, and we’ve gotten some feedback from others who are seeing it too.

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So I’m hearing that it’s Myke’s fault? Typical.


I’ve had this issue as well.

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Same issue, if not worse on my end.

Yesterday morning 100% charged. Listened for an hour and back in the case, at this point it was 90%. This morning 5%. So annoying.

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And then there’s this: Last night I left them changed to 100%. When I picked them up just now (17 hours later) they’re still at 99%. I’m not complaining but it’s a weird problem. It’s almost like they don’t go into any of their low power modes at all sometimes.

I’ve seen rumblings here and there that a factory reset might help the problem. Nothing conclusive though.

I suppose I can try that, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I don’t think that calling them up and asking them will do the trick, and hacking their power infrastructure or industrial control systems might not be received especially well in the current geopolitical climate… :thinking:

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