AirPods Pro 2 - audio switching from L to R?

Hi this problem is a bit hard to explain for me and I’ll preface this with my AirPods generation 3 didn’t do this at all so I don’t think it’s anything in my settings but could be wrong, who knows.

So you know how in videos if someone is standing on the left you’ll hear more audio from the left and if they’re on the right, you’ll hear more from the right? I can hear from both sides at the same time but the primary/louder audio keeps switching back and forth.

Now I know this may sound like spatial audio but I have that turned off. Transparency and noise canceling are also turned off. I do have Headphone Accommodations on to boost soft sounds but that’s about it. The equalizer is in the middle.

Anyone else having this issue or know how I can fix it? Is it a warranty issue?