AirPods Pro issue

Does anyone have problems with the AirPods Pro falling out of one or both ears while lying down or sitting? I’ve tried all of the tips, even various combinations, and they pass the Fit test.

I’m wondering whether anyone else has experienced this and what solution(s) worked.
I am hoping that this is not an edge case.

I’ve not had this problem

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I used to have wired canalphones that occasionally would fall out. A quick light lick before popping them in my ears fixed it.

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This might not sound right or nice but if non of the tricks works for you, I’d return them.


The only thing that’s getting me a good fit (true also of the regular AirPods) is to wear them upside down!

Not sure if I’m going to keep or return.

I really want to stay in the Apple ecosystem for these.

My (getting old) wired Bose, over-the-ear ones work well but are too large for me to pack.

I like the Etymotic, wired sound isolating earbuds; because they are basically flanged or foam earplugs with wired sound (I can change the tips and they fit well). And they fit in my pocket with several adapters for phone, iPad, ancient airplanes, etc.

Wondering how well the “beam forming” outbound audio works for cell phone calls when wearing the AirPods Pro upside down.

May have to return them :frowning:

Thank you, I really hope that it does not come to this. I like the noise cancelling, Siri integration and the convenience. Still have another week to consider my options.

Same don’t really want to return them. Not sure that there will be any third party options before the end of next week. Starting to getting worried that the many falls might lead to damage to the AirPods Pro. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good luck with your decision.

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I had problems with the AirPods Pros staying in my ear and I had trouble getting the ear fit test to consistently pass. Even when they did, the noise cancellation feature wasn’t really working for me. I tried all 3 sizes of the tips. I love my AirPods, which still work great for me, but I had to return the AirPods Pro. Guess I just have weird ear canals.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry that it didn’t work for you. My husband and I both bought AirPods Pro and I am trying his pair. I haven’t used it very long and one side fell out once. What I’m noticing more with his is that they hurt my ears after wearing them for a short period. I’m searching on AliExpress to see whether there are other tips that I could try as I already searched Amazon.

FYI, and FWIW.

Hi Wolfie,

13.2 (I didn’t notice that there was another update!).

The are uncomfortable (for me). No seal w/ small or medium flanges.

I have trouble fitting from a physical basis and a software test basis. Passing both well, when I put them in upside down :frowning:

iOS doesn’t always show the charge level for the case. Then when it does, it can get very wrong, showing low to no charge when I’ve charged to the point of having a greenlight on the case!

I wonder if the “extra .2” fixes the iOS charge indicator.

Well here’s what I get for complaining.

Now when I put the AirPods in for a good seal, upside down, an error message and it won’t run the test!

  • Doc, it hurts when I do this.
  • Don’t do that.

This sounds interesting. If you keep them you might give rise to a new wearing trend :wink:

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My biggest issue with the AirPod Pros is that active ANC is causing slight but persistent nausea. Also, noise isolation is subpar while bicycling on my commute, which is a must for me. I guess I’ll continue to love the heck out of my Jabra 65ts?

They still work upside down; but for listening only.

Did a test with a friend and she can’t hear me when the ends are pointed skyward. Plus I look like “My Favorite Martian.”

Also, all the maneuvering I did caused one of the flanges to snap free – I didn’t know it until the whole thing fell out of my ear and the AirPod went one way and the flange went the other! Took me a full day to stumble across the missing flange!


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Quite a price tag for a fashion trend without the functional benefits.

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Oh yeah. Returned them.

I have a loud heat/ac blower & other close by noise sources to test sound dampening too (“spoiler” they did. It do well for me, even when “sealed” upside down).

Some may enjoy these immensely.

I have better luck with noise isolating types like the Etymotics (that fit in my pocket) and better sound cancelling from some ancient Bose, over-ear headphones, I can adapt.

Someday, someone will make a good fit for me!

To close my story with the AirPods Pro, I exchanged them for a new pair and have had no issues after using them regularly for several weeks.