AirPods Pro "Rattlegate"

I’ve called Apple and they said they could arrange for pickup (France is on lockdown).
I’ve yet to get some news from the courier though…

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I had a new one dropped off today - even though the apple repair site says not despatched yet.

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Update : UPS dropped my new ones today and they work perfectly. The parcel contained everything I needed to send the faulty ones back. I called UPS again and they will come and pick the return parcel tomorrow. Very impressed by the whole experience - all I needed was a call to Apple. Do it if your AirPods are affected - it’s literally nothing to set up, even if your country is under lockdown (like France is).


I’ve replace my right one for the third time last week (of course, once was on me as I lost a pair). Also have had an issue with the left one last year, so this is the third one for me. I really like them when they’re working, but when they go bad, the go bad quickly.



I will receive a replacement for my right one (just don’t ask… :slight_smile: ) within the next few days.

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Has anyone replaced through this service program? How difficult is it to do this process?

I’ve had some issues with me especially in the noise cancellation department.

Not specifically with the program, I just used the Apple Support app on my phone and did a chat with Apple support. They will have you jump through some hurdles, namely,, so you may want to do those before you chat with them. Was pretty painless for me.


I have, see posts higher in this thread.

I just chatted with Apple through messages. I explained the issue, answered a couple questions, and had to authorize a hold on my account that would be removed once they received my old AirPods. The new AirPods came in a couple days. They sound much better. No rattle. I didn’t realize how bad it was until the new ones arrived. I would hear loud scratching sounds while lecturing which were incredibly jarring and distracting.

I appreciate this thread. I have had this issue with my original set of APP and am now having the issue with the left one again. The replacement process is pretty smooth…just a bit frustrating. Love my APPs but hoping we can get beyond this issue. Has anyone found better luck with memory foam ear tips as opposed to the silicone?