AirPods Pro taking them out of their case

Is it just me? I find it very difficult to take the pods out of their box. I end up pulling them by the silicone. Anyone else has this issue or found a good solution?


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Just listened to Gruber’s latest.

He makes the point that they are
easy to get out by “taking them
from the back”

(mine haven’t come yet, so I can’t verify,
But I thought his comments interesting)

thought it was just me…blamed it on now being over 50! I otherwise love them…previous gens didn’t fit my ears.

Someone on the latest episode of The Rebound reported seeing similar complaints on Twitter, so you’re not alone.

Thanks for the Daring Fireball solved the problem. Just grab them from back and push forward that works. That is what makes MPU so great helping each other.

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I’m interested in Jason Snell’s take. Anyone know if he’s reviewed them yet?

Yeah I can’t take mine out single handed it is really hard.