AirPods Pro third-party tips

This was addressed a while back, but hope there might be new information.
My AirPods Pro don’t fit too well, especially the right side that loosens while I’m rowing. I’m using the largest size, which initially passed the fit test, but the right says it isn’t sealed well now (4 days after receipt). [Apparently in addition to my ginormous noggin, I have ginormous external auditory canals too. I’m basically Shrek.]
Are there third-party options that are working well for any of you?

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My left side keeps loosing up, when all I’m doing is taking a walk. And there is a distinct set of frequencies – mechanical and animal – that zip right through the noise cancelling. I could be overridden by a Tesla coming up behind me when wearing the AirPods Pro and never hearing it, but if that wood thrush over there doesn’t stop singing I won’t be able to hear my music.

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I recently ordered the Aurik Elfriede memory foam tips and couldn’t be happier. Fast delivery and great quality. Finally have a good seal and noise cancellation and no more airpods falling out of my ear. Well worthed.


Have been using comply foam tips for a few weeks. Work great!

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+1 for memory foam tips. I use these on both my in-ears. The passive isolation is great, blocking external disturbances and you get a significantly improved low end. I also use the Comply brand as they are easy to find, but I guess any memory foam tip will produce similar results.

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You’re not out on the water with noise canceling headphones are you? Maybe in a coxed boat but that would have its own complications :rowing_man:t4:

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Nooo. My boat doesn’t float.


I had the same issue - the left AirPod would not stay in even when walking, and I found that the Apple tips caused pain for me after a few minutes of use.

I ordered the Comply Foam Tips and they have resolved all problems for me. The fit is solid and they never fall out even when exercising, and they do not hurt at all.

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Well, these AirPods Pro are getting really expensive.

I ordered these because they have hooks:

and the Comply tips:

We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks everyone for the input!

Just curious, does the tip fit pass for your third-party tips?
I received the first set today, and both sides fail.

Yes, the tip fit test shows a good fit for me with the Comply tips, and I do find them generally more comfortable than the silicone tips.

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Having said that, I tried the tip fit test again today and now they don’t show as a good fit. I’m sure they did a few weeks ago! Oh well, I’m not concerned as long as they’re comfortable, stay in and sound good to me!

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I have the same problem. These work great:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
I’m sending the AirPods Pro back, and when the Comply tips arrive, I’ll be returning those too.
The final straw was that yesterday only one side would enable noise cancelling. I wanted them to just work, but they didn’t.

I have Bose QC-35 headphones that work well, I just got tired of having my ears covered. I might upgrade those to the Series II. Still won’t solve the ear containment problem, but the new series has adjustable noise cancellation, which might be helpful.

Thanks again everyone.