AirPods Pro Whistle Squeal with Transparency mode

I know there’s already a thread on the rattling issue. I had that problem and had one of mine replaced this past fall. But over the past 2 months I’ve also been having an issue with a very high-pitched whistling. It’s a very loud sound when first putting them in my ears and then it’s most noticeable with Transparency mode but also somewhat with noise cancellation. I notice it most in the right pod. If I turn off noise cancellation/transparency it goes away entirely.

Anyone else? From what I’ve read Apple is replacing units with the rattle, anyone know if this whistling is widespread and if they are replacing for folks? A search seems to indicate that it is indeed an issue for others.

I occasionally have this happen, too. Once it was loud enough to be painful. The volume might have been too high that time. I haven’t heard if there’s a special program for it, but I wouldn’t mind a firmware update.

AirPod Pros have a recall because of those issues. You can replace them if they were produced before Sep 2020.
I replaced two set of Pros already.


This happened to me and it really was loud enough to be painful. I was out running and it nearly deafened me.

I contacted Apple and the offending ear pod was replaced.