AirPods quickly losing charge

I’ve had my AirPods for roughly a year. I’d consider myself a medium-heavy user. It seems that there are days where they get used a lot, and days when they just sit in my pocket.

Of late, the ear pieces have been losing charge, quickly. By that I mean within an hour to ninety minutes.

Has anyone else reached a point where AirPod charging has precipitously dropped?

Not sure if this is to poor charging connections in the case, or just a drop in capability. Also, wondering if Apple will sell replacements, or will I need to buy the whole thing again.


Yes, as a matter of fact, today I called Apple to have my right earbud replaced after I already did have my left earbud and the case replaced due to charging and capacity issues. I use my AirPods daily. Typically, I use them about 60 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the evening.

I bought my AirPods on day one when they were available in Germany. 6 months after I bought the AirPods, I noticed that my left earbud would be completely discharged after only 10 minutes of use. After that the earbud would be recharged after only 5 to 10 minutes. To 100% that is. I did some troubleshooting steps: resetting the AirPods, unpairing it from my iPhone, I cleaned them carefully and so on. It did not help. So, I called AppleCare. The Apple representative thought the case might be the culprit. They exchanged the case. It did not help. So, I called again. Then, they exchanged my left earbud. Everything was fine again.

Two weeks ago, so about a year later, I noticed that the right earbud started to show similar problems. I cleaned everything carefully and what not. It did not help. The right earbud is completely discharged after about 10 minutes of use. It recharges to 100% after only a few minutes, too. So, I just called Apple and long story short: the right earbud will be replaced, too.

Well, what are your options?

  1. If you live in the EU, Apple has to fix the issue without any cost for you (I live in Germany) because a device has to work at least 24 months without failing or the seller has to get them repaired/exchanged within 24 months after purchase. If you don’t live in the EU, I still would consider to talk to Apple.

  2. You can order a replacement charging case or replacement earbuds: But, I really would recommend to talk to Apple first. If you have an Apple Store in the area, you definitely should bring them in and have somebody have a look at the case and the earbuds. The problem is that you cannot be absolutely sure if the case or the earbuds (degrading battery capacity) are the issue.

I love my AirPods. But I really am not confident in the longevity of the earbuds.

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