AirPods triggering Siri when put into the case

Does this happen to anyone else? I’ve had this bug since I got them a year ago.

What device(s) are you using the AirPods with? Your phone, iPad, Watch, Mac?

To answer your question – no, I’ve never had my AirPods trigger anything. They work with all the above, several hours a day for me, and no side effects.

Maybe you could try unpairing them and repairing them with your device?

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Hmmm… maybe mine are cursed, or I’m particularly rough with them.

I think it’s caused by the AirPods registering the sharp jerk into the case as a tap.

I’ll try unpairing them (I only use it with my phone).

I’ve had this too! Do you have one of your sides set to invoke Siri? I do and it’s definitely some movement when putting them in the case that it registers as the double press.

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Try resetting your network settings when before you re-pair them! Sounds crazy but it works (note you will loose saved wifi passwords).